Let FCI Digital convert your files to eBook format!



Why eBooks?

Converting your book to an eBook format allows you to implement interactive features not available in physical media. Embeddable videos, linkable indices, adjustable font size, and the ability to search text are just a few of the benefits of eBooks. 


eBook Conversion Types

FCI Digital offers three unique eBook formats:

Reflowable ePubs: This type of file has reflowable text, meaning the reader can increase/decrease the zoom and display size to their liking.  Here the layout of each page does not stay intact as the device automatically adjusts the file when it is changed.  This file is more of a universal file.  Most devices can read Reflowable ePubs. Many designers and authors prefer to keep their eBook layout the exact same as printed book and prefer the next format. 

Fixed Layout ePubs: this type of file is limited to the devices that it will read or open on certain devices.  You can upload an ePub file to Apple & Google Play, and then Amazon has their own type of fixed layouts for their Kindle Fire devices, called a KF8.  This type of file, the pages stay intact and lay exactly like the printed book.  You are not able to increase/decrease the font, but you can pinch and zoom to see the font in a larger view.  This type of file is more complex and more expensive.

WebPDFs: This is an enhanced version of a standard PDF file that can utilize hyperlinked tables of contents, online references, and indices.


eBook Distribution Options

We offer three options for distributing your eBook:

eBookPartnership: FCI Digital recommends eBookPartnership, an established eBook distributor. We're happy to set you up with an account where you will be in charge of your pricing and have access to sales information. eBookPartnership is only $50 annually. Additional information on eBook Partnership's distribution options and sales reporting tools can be found here.

Gumroad: If you wish to directly sell off your website we can help you set up an account with Gumroad, an online ebook distributor, and you would add the link to your website to direct them there.Below is a little bit of an explanation of this, along with a link to a sample.

Additional distribution avenues: In addition to eBookPartnership and Gumroad you are free to upload your converted book to individual sites like Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and more. We can upload your files to these sites for you for $35 per site.


How It Works

1. Select the ebook conversion option on checkout. You can convert your files to a black and white ebook or a full color ebook.

2. Your specs will be forwarded to our eBook specialist who will contact you regarding your conversion and prepare a timeline. 

3. If you proceed with conversion you will go through a preflight and proofing process just like a physical book does.

4. You receive your eBook in the format you specify. If you're interested FCI Digital can upload your eBook to one or more of the distribution options listed above.