Custom sizes – including landscape format (oblong) up to 14” on the non-binding edge.

Cover Film lamination – Choose gloss, matt, of the modern soft- touch film lamination. Or for economy and speed, UV varnish is available for a high gloss finish.

Offset quality – Our G7 certified Canon toner based digital presses print at 216 lpi (offset standard is 175 lpi).

Flaps available – Gatefold covers are our specialty. Flap copy is where you sell!

Enter Book Specifications

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Please Enter number of b/w and/or color pages for book. This will be considered for order irrespective of any pages uploaded or designed for book.


After you upload files, we review them page-by-page to make sure they will process correctly. We will correct obvious errors for you and notify you about others that might need your attention.

For exact reprints where you are not re-submitting new files, then we do not need to perform this service and no fee is required.

Text Paper (interior pages)

Please select the preferred paper for the body (interior pages) of your book. Use matt or gloss coated paper for books with lots of images; uncoated paper is best for books that are mostly just text (words).

Cover Construction

C1S is short for "Coated One Side"; C2S is short for "Coated Two Sides". You will only want to select C2S when you intend to print on both the outside and inside of the cover in full color.

4/0 means we will print the cover full color on the outside, and not print it on the inside. 4/1 means we will print full color on the outside, and black ink only on the inside.  4/4 means we will print full color on both the inside and outside cover. 

Gloss lamination is very smooth and shiny.  Matt lamination is smooth but dull. Soft touch lamination is dull with a velvet finish. UV varnish is a slightly more economical finish, but doesn't have the high gloss and strength of gloss film lamination.


Your cover is the most important aspect of your book and we recommend getting a cover proof. Applying a film lamination to the cover slightly alters the color; if your publication is color critical you should consider ordering a film laminated cover proof. 

Hardcopy color proofs of your interior pages show trim marks and bleed. You should consider ordering a full set of color proofs if your publication is color critical.


Binding Style

Saddle stitch is printing terminology for stapling your books in the center fold. We apply two stitches (staples); we restrict this to books that are 80 pages or fewer.

Additional Options

Retailer stores require a barcode to scan the ISBN and price at checkout. The barcode is normally placed on the back cover. Our barcodes are output at high resolution and guaranteed to scan. Our price includes stripping the barcode into your supplied cover file.

ISBN numbers uniquely identify your book, and allow bookstores to reach the publisher to order books. RR Bowker issues ISBNs - current prices are $195 for one, or $295 for ten. If you plan to publish multiple books, you should purchase from them directly. Purchasing an ISBN from us will list us as the publisher, and if we are contacted, we will forward the contact information to you.


Shrinkwrapping protects your books against dust, dirt, and moisture. 

Ebook Conversion

Ebook conversion starts at $2/pg.  You will be contacted by our ebook specialist after order confirmation with additional information.


Please select expedited delivery if your project is under a tight deadline. Schedules vary depending on plant conditions, time of year, etc. We will be in touch to better understand your requirements. Estimated schedules are WORKING days.

Special Instructions

Tell us anything special about your project that needs extra attention.

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